Mining & Earthmoving

BISALLOY Wear and Structural steel grades have long been a popular choice in the mining & earthmoving sector for applications that need lighter, stronger and impact-resistant material.

With its remarkable hardness and ability to withstand the toughest wear and tear, BISALLOY® Steel has proved itself within the Australian raw material handling industry for decades. When every minute counts, you want to avoid unnecessary and costly downtime for maintenance to repair or replacement equipment. Therefore, understanding what characteristics you need from your material in mining and earthmoving applications can drastically increase the life on the field for your raw material handling equipment.

Abrasion-resistant Steel

BISALLOY® Steel can be seen in equipment such as dump truck bodies, storage bins, hoppers and chutes across the Australian mining and resources industry. With more significant wear and impact resistance properties, greater strength-to-weight ratios, and ideal ductility for straightforward fabrication, BISALLOY® Steel has facilitated ready adoption across the Australian mining industry.

Products For Mining & Earthmoving

Provides remarkable hardness and ability to withstand the toughest wear and tear.

Delivers weight saving benefits in construction, transport and manufacturing.