SMW Group

27 Oct 2020


Engineering continuous improvement over two decades

SMW Group is a Queensland based company offering an award-winning innovative approach to engineering and fabrication, field servicing, mechanical repairs, and special projects. From humble beginnings, starting with only one welding trailer, SMW now employ over 300 staff supplying end-to-end trade and engineering solutions.

Throughout their 20 years, SMW Group have been using Bisalloy for wear and structural applications in skid steers to draglines and everything in between. They were pioneers in the use of BIS450 grade almost 10 years ago in the repair and building of rear dump trays for mining applications. They also specify Bisalloy in their Ultraclass trucks and in-house designed “Ultrahaul” rear dump trays.

Using predominantly BISALLOY® Structural 80, and BISALLOY® Wear 400 and 450, Frank Humphreys, Chief Operating Officer commends Bisalloy for consistent, high-quality products. “We have had experiences where customers have specified cheaper imports and seen premature failure in service, Bisalloy Steel have never let us down. BIS450 has enabled us to go from a dual-layer floor in rear dump trucks, using BIS80 floor and BIS400 liner, to a single layer, thus eliminating the labour hours required for installing a liner pack.”.

Bisalloy Steels is Australia’s only manufacturer of high strength and high hardness quenched and tempered steel. BISALLOY® WEAR steel is the number one performance steel choice of countless industries because of its remarkable hardness and ability to withstand the toughest wear and tear.

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