BISALLOY® Protection Steel

Protecting life, assets and property

Typical Application

While offering the same confidence in product quality that the market has come to expect from all Bisalloy products, the BISALLOY® Protection steel range also adds convenience to its list of valuable attributes. We offer it as a standardised product range you can very easily specify and order—even spot orders and small volumes—with short lead times. BISALLOY® Protection steel suits government and civilian applications, including:

  • light armoured vehicles
  • land and sea patrol vehicles
  • cash-in-transit vehicles
  • safes and strongboxes
  • security booths
  • public and private facilities
  • safe rooms

Bisalloy® Protection Steel Range

Developed to compliment to BISALLOY Armour Steel range, BISALLOY Protection Steel offers superior shielding properties without the stringent specification seen at a military level. Our protection steel range offers superior ballistic steel performance that suits a wide range of applications to protect life, valuables and property. The BISALLOY® Protection steel range runs the gamut of vital performance characteristics including strength, toughness and shock loading resistance.

Range Thickness Hardness Data sheet
BISALLOY® Protection 250 Steel 5 – 50mm 255 HB (Typical) Download Enquire Now
BISALLOY® Protection 300 Steel 5 – 50mm 260 – 310 HB Download Enquire Now
BISALLOY® Protection 360 Steel 5 – 50mm 310 – 410 HB Download Enquire Now
BISALLOY® Protection 400 Steel 5 – 50mm 370 – 430 HB Download Enquire Now
BISALLOY® Protection 440 Steel 5 – 50mm 420 – 470 HB Download Enquire Now
BISALLOY® Protection 500 Steel 5 – 50mm 477 – 534 HB Download Enquire Now
BISALLOY® Protection 550 Steel 5 – 16mm 530 – 570 HB Download Enquire Now
BISALLOY® Protection 600 Steel 5 – 16mm 570 -640 HB Download Enquire Now
BISALLOY® Protection 250 Steel
Thickness:5 – 50mm
Hardness:255 HB (Typical)
BISALLOY® Protection 300 Steel
Thickness:5 – 50mm
Hardness:260 – 310 HB
BISALLOY® Protection 360 Steel
Thickness:5 – 50mm
Hardness:310 – 410 HB
BISALLOY® Protection 400 Steel
Thickness:5 – 50mm
Hardness:370 – 430 HB
BISALLOY® Protection 440 Steel
Thickness:5 – 50mm
Hardness:420 – 470 HB
BISALLOY® Protection 500 Steel
Thickness:5 – 50mm
Hardness:477 – 534 HB
BISALLOY® Protection 550 Steel
Thickness:5 – 16mm
Hardness:530 – 570 HB
BISALLOY® Protection 600 Steel
Thickness:5 – 16mm
Hardness:570 -640 HB

The benefits of choosing BISALLOY® Protection steel


This represents the highest standards in quality and service, which customers in Australia and our global markets have relied upon for decades.

Technical expertise

Our people are experts in specifying, developing, manufacturing and using our products. Bisalloy Steels’ range of wear plate grades are specifically designed, hot rolled and heat treated to provide the best solution in a wide range of demanding applications.

Partnership focused

With Bisalloy Steels, you are partnering with a company that works closely with customers, and engages with leaders in science and technology, to deliver truly innovative and tailored product solutions and services.

Known and trusted

You have the confidence of working with known and trusted, quality products from an Australian steel manufacturer with over 40 years of expertise in producing market-leading wear grade steel and other performance steel products for Australia and the world.

Product quality

Bisalloy Steels’ product quality is second to none. The technology used in the manufacture of BISALLOY® steel is not only world class, but the demands of high strength and high hardness steels dictate the need for one of the most stringent process routes utilised in the manufacture of steel plate, anywhere in the world.

Product range

We locally produce a wide range of quenched and tempered steel products to meet the varying requirements and needs of our many customers – and are committed to ongoing research and development to ensure Bisalloy Steels’ product range remains at the leading edge of available quenched and tempered steels.

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