Craig International Ballistics

21 Oct 2020


Craig International Ballistics (CIB) has become the leading Australian manufacturer of combat-proven armour systems, supplying ballistic protection to the Australian Defence Force and state and federal Police services. Located in Queensland, they have been in operation for over 20 years.

CIB provides Australia with a sovereign capability in a key area of individual and force protection. CIB’s winning of large orders, frequently from repeat customers, reflects the deep expertise the company has in high-quality composite ballistic panel manufacture and its specialist skills.

Using these skills, the company has expanded beyond personal protection to develop complex protection systems for land force protected mobility vehicles, naval frigates, military transport aircraft and helicopters, some of which include armoured steel. This is where CIB look to Australian based manufacturer Bisalloy Steels for specialised armour steel products.

With the two SMEs working collaboratively, CIB has been able to develop advanced innovative armour designs that are lighter, thinner, and more robust than previous solutions.

James Craig, CEO of Craig International Ballistics, said “Craig International Ballistics manufactures a full range of ballistic protection panels to suit marine, aircraft and structural use. We have a significant and well-resourced in-house R&D capability using Fourth Industrial Revolution advanced manufacturing techniques. The close integration of research, development,
fabrication and testing, in combination with collaboration with suppliers like Bisalloy, allows CIB to quickly exploit new materials, fabrics or production techniques meaning we can offer the most innovative solutions.”

Justin Suwart, Business Manager – Armour & Protection, said “Bisalloy has been supplying to the Australian defence market for over 20 years. Working with like-minded companies like CIB, who can develop innovative solutions using our grades of steel, will ensure Bisalloy will continue to supply for the next 20 years and beyond.”

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