High-strength steel is a material of the future.

Our high-strength steel offers advantages beyond developing solutions to both everyday and difficult or unusual engineering problems. High-strength steel also offers environmental and other benefits such as:

• mass savings
• reduced production costs
• the possibility high-load or high-fatigue operations
• greater load-carrying capacities.

The high-strength properties of BISALLOY® STRUCTURAL steel enables manufacturers, engineers, industrial designers and architects to deliver size, weight and cost savings while still achieving required levels of strength and performance.

Construction applications of BISALLOY® STRUCTURAL steel

BISALLOY® STRUCTURAL steel makes it possible to build taller towers, span larger rooms, and specify smaller columns while reducing the amount of steel needed.
Longer spans, greater load carrying capacity and nett weight reduction to reduce foundation loads are all possible by using higher strength (up to 690 MPa yield strength and beyond) BISALLOY® STRUCTURAL steel plate. This leads to savings on foundations, fabrication and construction costs.

BISALLOY® STRUCTURAL steel is used in construction for:

• columns for low and high-rise buildings
• transfer beams for low and high-rise buildings
• road and rail bridge beams and columns.

The versatility of BISALLOY® STRUCTURAL steel

Structural steel manufacturers and industrial designers take full advantage of BISALLOY® STRUCTURAL steel’s benefits. They design and build components, equipment and structures with BISALLOY® STRUCTURAL specified.

As Australia’s top quenched and tempered structural steel company, people expect our products to deliver substantial weight savings while still delivering the required strength and performance attributes. We meet those expectations.

Designers and manufacturers specify use our high-strength steel for:

• hoppers
• chutes
• excavator buckets
• draft fans
• storage tanks and bins
• pressure vessels
• railroad tankers
• refinery and petrochemical equipment
• transport equipment and structural components such as trays, low loaders, trailers, dump trucks and other mobile equipment
• overhead cranes, container handling equipment, and other mobile lifting equipment
• mining equipment rollover protection systems (ROPS)
• underground longwall mining supports.

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