BISALLOY® Structural Steel

Enabling engineers, industrial designers and architects to deliver size, weight and cost savings.

Typical Application

The application of BISALLOY® Structural steel is far-reaching, with typical uses for the product see in structural components of;

  • Industrial transport equipment, including dump trucks, trays, side-tippers and low-loaders
  • Hoppers and Chutes
  • Overheard cranes, container handling equipment and other mobile lifting equipment
  • Underground longwall mining support
  • Railroad tankers
  • Refinery and petrochemical equipment
  • Forklift frames & tynes
  • Structural beams for buildings and bridges

BISALLOY® Structural steel grades ensure that properties such as ductility, weldability and toughness are maximised, while also meeting the requisite hardness and strength requirements.

BISALLOY® Structural Steel Range

Utilising the high-strength properties of BISALLOY® Structural steel allows for a reduction in section thickness without a loss of structural integrity. The enhanced mechanical properties of quenched & tempered steel can significantly reduce weight for your machinery equipment, structures or other industrial assets whilst maintaining load-carrying capacities.

Operating for over 40 years, Bisalloy has been proud to deliver the Australian manufacturing industry their structural steel plate requirements, making it possible for lighter machinery to be manufactured with greater fuel efficiency and load capacity. To build taller towers, span larger rooms, and specify smaller columns whilst reducing the amount of steel needed.

Because we specialise in high-strength steels, we back our world-class product with the support of local, technical experts and service professionals who are driven on ensuring you get the right product with the right service.

Range Thickness 0.2% Proof Stress (Min) Tensile Strength Data sheet
BISALLOY® Structural 60 steel 6 – 10mm 500 MPa 590 – 730 MPa Download Enquire Now
BISALLOY® Structural 70 steel 6 – 100mm 600 MPa 690 – 830 MPa Download Enquire Now
BISALLOY® Structural 80 steel 6 – 100mm 690 MPa 790 – 930 MPa Download Enquire Now
BISALLOY® Structural 80PV steel 6-100mm 690 MPa 790 – 930 MPa Download Enquire Now
BISALLOY® Structural 100 Steel 5 – <30mm 890 MPa 940 – 1100 MPa Download Enquire Now
BISALLOY® Structural 110 Steel 6 – 20mm 960MPa 980 – 1150 MPa Download Enquire Now
BISALLOY® Structural 60 steel
Thickness:6 – 10mm
0.2% Proof Stress (Min) :500 MPa
Tensile Strength:590 – 730 MPa
BISALLOY® Structural 70 steel
Thickness:6 – 100mm
0.2% Proof Stress (Min) :600 MPa
Tensile Strength:690 – 830 MPa
BISALLOY® Structural 80 steel
Thickness:6 – 100mm
0.2% Proof Stress (Min) :690 MPa
Tensile Strength:790 – 930 MPa
BISALLOY® Structural 80PV steel
0.2% Proof Stress (Min) :690 MPa
Tensile Strength:790 – 930 MPa
BISALLOY® Structural 100 Steel
Thickness:5 – <30mm
0.2% Proof Stress (Min) :890 MPa
Tensile Strength:940 – 1100 MPa
BISALLOY® Structural 110 Steel
Thickness:6 – 20mm
0.2% Proof Stress (Min) :960MPa
Tensile Strength:980 – 1150 MPa

The benefits of choosing BISALLOY® Structural steel


This represents the highest standards in quality and service, which customers in Australia and our global markets have relied upon for decades.

Technical expertise

Our people are experts in specifying, developing, manufacturing and using our products. Bisalloy Steels’ range of wear plate grades are specifically designed, hot rolled and heat treated to provide the best solution in a wide range of demanding applications.

Partnership focused

With Bisalloy Steels, you are partnering with a company that works closely with customers, and engages with leaders in science and technology, to deliver truly innovative and tailored product solutions and services.

Known and trusted

You have the confidence of working with known and trusted, quality products from an Australian steel manufacturer with over 40 years of expertise in producing market-leading wear grade steel and other performance steel products for Australia and the world.

Product quality

Bisalloy Steels’ product quality is second to none. The technology used in the manufacture of BISALLOY® steel is not only world class, but the demands of high strength and high hardness steels dictate the need for one of the most stringent process routes utilised in the manufacture of steel plate, anywhere in the world.

Product range

We locally produce a wide range of quenched and tempered steel products to meet the varying requirements and needs of our many customers – and are committed to ongoing research and development to ensure Bisalloy Steels’ product range remains at the leading edge of available quenched and tempered steels.

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