Shielding solutions for civilian protection applications.

In the pursuit of safeguarding lives and assets, the need for an impact-resistant steel plate for shielding applications is more than justified. It is essential. Bisalloy provides innovative solutions for armour plate that does not require rigorous specifications seen in the military, whilst offering superior protection from ballistic projectiles.

Protecting life, valuables and property.

The strength and reliability of the BISALLOY® Armour & Protection Steel range have been proven globally, going through numerous testing procedures across various laboratories to be approved for end-use by a myriad of critical production and shielding applications. You will find multiple considerations need to take place when selecting your armour plate, to provide the best protection for the specific ballistic threat seen in your application. The team at Bisalloy is here to help you choose the right grade to optimise the specific technical attributes required to see increased protection levels.

Products For Protection

BISALLOY® Armour steel
Proudly supporting Australia’s defence forces with impact-resistant armour plate.

Suits a range of applications for the protection of life, valuables and property.