W&E Platt

06 Oct 2020


W&E Platt is an Australian based company offering a wide range of combat-proven and high-performance armour solutions. With over 35 years of expertise, W&E Platt specialise in design, manufacture, installation and ILS of weapon mounts for military vehicles and naval vessels.

As a specialised defence manufacturer, W&E Platt have developed unique solutions and products, and have provided these products to over 24 countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Turkey, Brazil, Malaysia and Indonesia to name a few. Notably, W&E Platt have supplied solutions for critical Australian projects including the Hawkei PMV to meet an Australian Defence Force (ADF) requirement.

Being an Australian based SME, W&E Platt utilise Australian made BISALLOY® Armour grades to support their end-users and customers, both here and internationally.

W&E Platt CEO, Alan Platt, stated “W&E Platt are a premium defence supplier. We’ve worked with Bisalloy Steels for several years. Bisalloy supplies us with specialised steel solutions so that we can meet our customers protection requirements without compromising quality”.

Business Manager – Armour & Protection, Justin Suwart, said “Bisalloy’s defence product range is highly specialised. The solutions and end applications manufactured by W&E Platt, both for use here in Australia and for export, represent the highest quality and most sophisticated solutions; together, our two companies offer premium defence products to a global market.”

Produced in Australia, BISALLOY® Armour is available in a range of thicknesses ranging from 5 to 50 mm. In delivering this selection of high-performance products, Bisalloy also collaborates with leaders in science, technology and steel manufacture on intensive research programs and critical programs, to ensure that the BISALLOY® Armour range continues to evolve and lead the market.

W&E Platt

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