High strength steel is a material of the future. Not only does high strength steel offer a number of advantages which can be utilised in developing solutions to both every day and difficult or unusual engineering problems – high strength steel can offer environmentally positive benefits such as mass savings, reduced production costs, the possibility high load or high fatigue operations, and greater load carrying capacities.

The high strength properties of the BISALLOY® STRUCTURAL steel range can enable manufacturers, engineers, industrial designers and architects to deliver size, weight and cost savings while still achieving required levels of strength and performance.

In construction, BISALLOY® STRUCTURAL steel can make it possible to build taller towers, span larger rooms and specify smaller columns while actually reducing the amount of steel needed.

Longer spans, greater load carrying capacity and nett weight reduction to reduce foundation loads are all possible through the use of higher strength (up to 690 MPa yield strength and beyond) BISALLOY® STRUCTURAL steel plate leading to savings on foundations, fabrication and construction costs.

These benefits of BISALLOY® STRUCTURAL steel are also available to manufacturers and industrial designers. Components and structures such as dump truck bodies, storage bins, pressure vessels, hoppers and shutes can all be designed with substantial weight savings whilst still delivering the required strength and performance attributes.