Performance steels performing a valuable role in reducing environmental impact

With greater wear performance resulting in less frequent component replacement, plus stronger yet lighter structural steel resulting in less product being required and reduced transport of materials, perhaps the greatest strength of Bisalloy Steels’ quenched and tempered steel products lies in their ability to reduce environmental impact.

Traditionally, steelmaking is an energy and emissions intensive activity. While always seeking to reduce their impact on the environment in the steelmaking process, Bisalloy Steels is pleased to know their performance steel grades are also delivering lighter, stronger and more sustainable steel options which, by their very nature, are increasing energy savings.

Take BISALLOY® Wear steel, for example, which is the number one choice of countless industries because of its remarkable hardness and ability to withstand the toughest wear and tear.

Despite its tough nature, or rather because of it, BISALLOY® Wear steel is less tough on the environment because it is used to create hard-wearing components which last longer in demanding applications and therefore lead to reduced requirements for energy- and emissions-intensive steelmaking.

And then there are the benefits of BISALLOY® Structural steel grades.

BISALLOY® Structural steel grades not only make it possible to build taller towers, span larger rooms and specify smaller columns; they reduce the amount of steel required, with those reductions not only resulting in less energy- and emissions-intensive steelmaking but also resulting in less environmental impact through reduced quantities of steel needing to be transported via road and handled by equipment on site.

In line with their approach to producing lighter, stronger and more sustainable performance steels, Bisalloy Steels also takes a tough approach to protecting the environment in all their steelmaking processes, as Mr Greg Albert, Managing Direction and CEO, explained.

“At Bisalloy Steels, we are passionate about the environment and continually measure the environmental performance of our plant,” he said. “For that reason, we have been regularly reporting our energy consumption and carbon emissions to the Clean Energy regulator since 2009.

“We care about our environmental footprint and take many steps to ensure it is responsibly reduced; we harvest rainwater for our quenching processes, utilise waste furnace gasses to preheat plates entering our heat treatment process, use high efficiency lighting, participate in recycling of waste and actively promote the limitless recycling opportunity of our products throughout their lifecycle.”

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