Bisalloy welcomes first-ever cadet

Jared McNamara has joined Bisalloy Steels Australia as the first-ever appointment in the company’s technical cadetship program.

Currently a student at the University of Wollongong, Jared will join the company later this month. During his cadetship he will report directly to Bisalloy’s Business Development Manager and Business Manager – Armour, Justin Suwart.

“In the course of his studies to date, Jared has shown himself to be a talented and hard-working young man. I congratulate him on his appointment and look forward to working with him as a mentor.”

“This is not only a great opportunity for Jared to learn about Bisalloy and its unique products, but also to continue his own personal development and take the first step in what will no doubt be a successful career.”

Jared is in the 3rd year of his Bachelor of Materials Engineering degree. During the cadetship, he will continue his studies while also working part-time, during university breaks, and so forth.

His focus will be on understanding the technical needs of Bisalloy’s customers and assisting the company’s Customer Service and Sales teams with technical issues, managing ballistic samples, analysing technical data and providing general project assistance. He will concentrate primarily on Bisalloy’s defence grade products.

Under the program, the Cadetship runs until graduation. From there, the objective is for the Cadet to continue with Bisalloy as a full-time employee, continue his/her development and end up having a long-term career with the company.

“Bisalloy’s Cadetship Program provides us the opportunity to play a new role in the development of Australian talent. We are delighted to get the program started and would like to welcome Jared to his new role,” said Justin.