Bisalloy Steels plays host to Swebor

Bisalloy Steels has this week welcomed senior management from Swebor Svenska Stål AB (Sweden) to Australia to discuss, among other things, strategy around SweBis Middle East FZE, the UAE-based strategic alliance between the two companies.

Members of Swebor’s senior management team, including owner Hans Bergman and CEO Petter Eriksson, were among the party that visited Bisalloy’s Wollongong headquarters.

Up until this year, Bergman was also the company’s CEO. He held that position for over a decade and, in that time, grew the business from its Swedish base and recently added a new office in Mexico.

In January this year, he appointed Eriksson – who has several years’ experience in finance, sales and leadership roles, most recently as Office Manager for Handelsbanken – as Swebor’s new CEO.

As owner, Bergman will continue working within the company, but with an increased focus on sales, business development and marketing.

Bringing together the expertise and resources of two renowned manufacturers, the SweBis Middle East FZE JV distributes high performance, armour steel products to the Middle Eastern civilian and defence armour markets.

Apart from the strategic meeting around the JV, the visit presented Bisalloy and Swebor with an opportunity to further cement the broader relationship between the two companies.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to host our Swedish friends here in Australia this week. Through the SweBis Middle East FZE strategic alliance, we have already come to know and respect Swebor as a world-class distributor of high performance, armour steel products.

“This visit has provided us with the perfect opportunity to further cement our relationship and pave the way for further success in that important market,” said Justin Suwart, Bisalloy Steels’ Business Manager – Armour.

For his part, Bergman thanked his hosts for their hospitality and said the relationship between Swebor and Bisalloy had already proven to be of significant mutual benefit to both organisations.

“To date, our Middle East collaboration has been the perfect marriage. Together, by sharing our knowledge and expertise, we have been able to go to the market with something that is stronger that the sum of its parts,” he said.

“Our meetings this week have allowed us to continue building on this shared strength and pave the way for future success.”