Bisalloy Steels goes Green and Gold for Australia Made Week: Celebrating 40+ Years of Australian Steel Innovation

As a conclusion to Australian Made Week 2024, we look back on more than four decades of pioneering steel innovation from our roots in Wollongong to our global presence today. This special week has honoured the resilience, quality, and competitive edge of Australian manufacturing. We stand proudly as an example of local ingenuity and international success. Join us as we delve into the history and future of Bisalloy Steels, an iconic brand synonymous with high-performance steel, and discover how we continue to shape industries worldwide while championing the true spirit of Australian excellence.

A Legacy Forged in Wollongong

Bisalloy Steels is Australia’s only manufacturer of high-performance quenched and tempered plate steel products. We began operations in Wollongong in 1980. From the outset, we quickly established an outstanding reputation both domestically and internationally. Known for our market-leading BISALLOY® branded products, our name has become synonymous with high wear and high strength steel. Our products are trusted by some of the world’s leading mining, quarrying, and exploration companies, as well as industrial and commercial equipment manufacturers and defence organisations.

In 2003, Bisalloy Steels was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), marking a significant milestone in our journey. Since then, we have continued to grow, serving a diverse range of industries with a variety of products including BISALLOY® Wear, BISALLOY® Structural, BISALLOY® Armour, and BISALLOY® Protection steel plates.

In 2017 our Q&T steel plate products started carrying Australia’s most trusted and recognised symbol – the Australian Made logo.

The Bisalloy Steels Team

Global Reach with Local Roots

Employing over 70 people locally and another 160 internationally, we have expanded considerably over the years to service Australia and a growing number of international markets. To facilitate this global growth, we have established partnerships in Indonesia (PT Bima Bisalloy – JV), Thailand (Bisalloy Thailand – JV) and the People’s Republic of China (Bisalloy Shangang (Shandong) Steel Plate Co Ltd. – CJV).

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

All products from our Wollongong facility exceed global international quality and testing standards. The production facility also holds international certifications for safety and environmental management, ensuring that we operate at the highest standards.

Bisalloy Steels certified in Sustainability and Safety

A Bright Future for Australian Innovation

We have also forged a significant partnership with our academic neighbours, the University of Wollongong (UOW). This collaboration is a cornerstone of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Steel Research Hub, which is dedicated to advancing the steel manufacturing industry through innovative research and development.

The Steel Research Hub at UOW brings together top-tier university researchers and industry experts, including Bisalloy Steels, to drive forward-thinking solutions in steel innovation. This partnership focuses on developing high-strength and high-hardness steel products that cater to various industries, including mining, construction, infrastructure, and defence. By contributing to the Hub’s Program B – Market-Focused Product Innovations, we are actively involved in creating advanced steel materials that meet present and future demands.

PhD student Durga Tandon at University of Wollongong, ARC Steel Research Hub
PhD student Durga Tandon at University of Wollongong, ARC Steel Research Hub

An important aspect of our partnership with UOW is our shared commitment to promoting women in STEM. Bisalloy is part of newly launched initiatives like the Local Industry Future Technologies (LIFT) program, aimed at supporting women in engineering and manufacturing roles. This program not only encourages female participation in these traditionally male-dominated fields but also provides mentorship and development opportunities to foster career growth. By focusing on diversity and inclusion, we are working to ensure that the future of steel innovation is shaped by a diverse and talented workforce.

With strategic collaborations like this, the future of steel innovation looks bright, marking a significant step towards a more sustainable and advanced steel industry in Australia and across the globe.

Bisalloy Steels

Listed on the ASX and operating for 40 years, Bisalloy is Australia’s only manufacturer of high-strength and high-hardness quenched and tempered steel plate used for armour, structural, protection and wear-resistant steel applications.

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