Bisalloy Steel and Mining – a perfect pairing at IMARC 2023

Bisalloy at IMARC 2023

Bisalloy Steel and Mining – a perfect pairing at IMARC 2023

Once again the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) was Australia’s biggest business event, with more than 9,000 delegates from 120 countries coming together and sharing their experiences, hopes and ambitions for the mining industry.

This year @IMARC (the International Mining and Resource Conference) celebrated its 10th anniversary

For Bisalloy, IMARC 2023 has been a fantastic opportunity to meet up with our mining industry colleagues, clients and partners – existing as well as new. The Bisalloy team gained valuable insights into the current and future priorities for mining, whilst showcasing how our steel continues to support their businesses and the industry as a whole.

(From left to right) Geoff Lewis, Head of Export Trade; Greg Check, Project Manager and
Troy Crisp, NSW Sales Manager speak with visitors to the Bisalloy stand at IMARC 2023

Bisalloy steel in the mining industry – a circular economy

The highlight of the Bisalloy stand this year was our “Lifecycle of Steel in Mining” table – a 3.6m interactive experience, allowing visitors to explore each stage of the Bisalloy steel Quenched and Tempered (Q&T) Steel production process and the role it plays in the circular economy of the mining industry.

Bluescope Greenfeed – where the Steel & Mining Lifecycle begins again

The Lifecycle of Steel in Mining starts from mined ore and greenfeed, going through the Bisalloy Quenching and Tempering (Q&T) processes, to creating specific grades of steel plate, which travel on to our distributor and manufacturer partners.

The cycle is completed when our steel returns to the field as new mining equipment – everything from excavator buckets and underground longwall mining supports, to dump truck bodies, wear liners, storage bins, hoppers, chutes and rollover protection systems (ROPS).

Bisalloy Structural and Wear steels are used across the mining process

“This lifecycle was an excellent conversation starter, providing visitors a chance to explore and learn about the expertise, ingredients and processes which go to make every plate of Bisalloy steel,” Troy Crisp NSW Sales Manager said.

“Along our table we shared opportunities to be interactive and hands-on with samples of ore, steel and models of equipment. Bringing the Q&T process to life like this led to lots of engaging discussions.”

Bisalloy Steel is proudly Australian Made

Delegates from mining businesses around the globe were also drawn into the stand. Geoff Lewis, Head of Export Trade at Bisalloy Steel said:

“Bisalloy Steel is in demand around the world, with exports to countries throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America and South America. Currently we have successful and growing joint ventures in Indonesia PT Bima Bisalloy, Thailand Bisalloy Thailand and China Bisalloy Shangang (Shandong) Steel Plate Co. Ltd.

“Our conversations at IMARC have opened the door to new relationships and opportunities.”

Bisalloy’s long and enduring relationship with mining partners

Bisalloy CEO & Managing Director, Rowan Melrose emphasised the importance and value of face-to-face engagement:

Rowan Melrose, CEO and Managing Director speaks with visitors to the Bisalloy Steel stand at IMARC 2023.

“These conversations are vital to Bisalloy,” said CEO and Managing Director Rowan Melrose. “They nurture our partnerships, help us understand current and future needs and even feed into our continuous Research and Development programme.

“It’s by direct engagement with the mining industry that we ensure our steel is not only fit for purpose but has built-in consistency and longevity which impact the bottom line through mining efficiency, reduced downtime and sustainability.

“The relationship between steel and mining is an enduring one – and we’re proud to have worked with the Australian mining industry for over 40 years.”

Greg Check, Project Manager at Bisalloy Steel, explains Bisalloy Steel’s stringent quality control measures

Extreme environments demand Bisalloy quenched and tempered steel

When it comes to extreme environments, mining equipment is subject to some of the most demanding, using both Structural and Wear grade steels to get the job done. BISALLOY® Structural steel provides the strength needed in machinery, plant and equipment, while our through-hardened Wear grade steel delivers lighter weight, straightforward fabrication and abrasion resistance under even the toughest conditions.

With an established national network of processing partners BISALLOY® Steel is trusted and used throughout mining industries in Australia and around the world.

Reach out to our friendly sales team today to find out more about our Australian Partner network, or start a conversation about international markets:

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