Bisalloy signs MoU with Australian Defence Contractors

Bisalloy has announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Axiom Precision Manufacturing and K-TIG to jointly develop a sovereign capability in welding for the Australian Defence Industry.

Development of an Australian sovereign capability in the welding of specialist defence steels will allow Australian Industry to maximise its participation in upcoming Defence procurements, such as the LAND 400 program, that will see the Australian Defence Force’s existing Australian Light Armoured Vehicle and M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier fleets replaced with new vehicles that deliver improved levels of firepower, protection and mobility.

K-TIG Limited is a technology company deploying a full commercialised industry-disruptive high-speed welding technology. Axiom Precision Manufacturing is an Australian advanced manufacturing provider with significant defence and aerospace industry experience.

Bisalloy Steels (ASX:BIS) is internationally recognised and certified by major defence departments and is used by major international prime contractors for land and sea projects.

Bisalloy Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Mr Greg Albert, said of the MoU:

“Bisalloy have a long history of successfully collaborating with partner companies to develop new and innovative solutions in steels. Our capabilities extend far beyond product supply, it extends to technical and product development assistance. As such, we are committed to offering our customers everything they need for future success.”

K-TIG Chairman Stuart Carmichael said: “We are delighted to be expanding into the Defence market and partnering with Axiom Precision Manufacturing and Bisalloy Steels, two established Australian Department of Defence contractors. K-TIG will be responsible for the development of a keyhole TIG welding process for high carbon steels typically used in the defence industry”.

BISALLOY® Armour steel has become a leading product for defence applications in Australia and abroad and is specified for hulls in Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC), Light Armoured Vehicles (LAV), Collins Class submarines and the Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicles in Australia, along with many APCs and LAVs worldwide.