Bisalloy and Rheinmetall Land 400 Program partnership continues forward with another successful meeting

Bisalloy Steels recently welcomed representatives from Rheinmetall Defence Australia and the Germany Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) to its Unanderra manufacturing facility.

The visit and meeting with Bisalloy’s technical and production representatives was part of the continuing qualification process for validating Bisalloy’s specialised armour grade steel for use in Rheinmetall Defence Australia’s manufacture of 211 Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRV) for the Australian Defence Force as part of the Land 400 Phase 2 program.

Following the successful visit Justin Suwart, Bisalloy Steels’ Business Manager – Armour, said “Working together to achieve German Government qualification is a key component of the ongoing partnership between Rheinmetall Defence Australia and Bisalloy Steels.”

“We look forward to progressing the outcomes of this most recent meeting with Rheinmetall as we work towards final qualification of our steel for the Land 400 Phase 2 program.”