ADO Letter of Recognised Supply for Bisalloy Steels

The Australian Defence Organisation (ADO) has provided a Letter of Recognised Supply to Bisalloy Steels.

The letter recognises Bisalloy Steels’ long term supply of its high strength and high hardness specialty armour grade steel to the Land 116 – Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle program.

The Letter of Recognised Supply (LoRS) Program is designed to promote Australian industry capabilities by acknowledging the successful supply of products or services to Defence by an Australian company.

To receive the LoRS a company needs to meet the standards of supply demanded by the ADO. Products and services need to be supplied on time, on budget and to specification. The LoRS provides companies with evidence of their supply to the ADO, to assist in bidding for new work or marketing their capabilities to non-defence customers.

On receiving the LoRS, Justin Suwart, Bisalloy Steels Business Manager Armour said, “as an Australian manufacturer we are especially proud of our long term relationship with the Australian Department of Defence through the products we have supplied for a number of projects including the Bushmaster vehicle and Collins Class submarines.”

“Being granted a Letter of Recognised Supply will not only assist us with future bids and tenders, but just as importantly for us, provides all our employee’s due recognition for the commitment and effort that has gone into ensuring Bisalloy Steels has been able to consistently meet the supply requirements of the Australian Defence Organisation.”

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