2018: A transformational year for Bisalloy Steels

Those in attendance at Bisalloy Steels annual general meeting (AGM), which took place on November 29, heard that changes that took place within the company this financial year will put it in a strong position to continue to grow into FY2019 and beyond.

Opening proceedings, Bisalloy Steels Chairman, Phil Cave, observed that “FY2018 saw transformational growth across all aspects of the business”. He pointed to Bisalloy’s building on existing JV operations in Asia and the emergence of new opportunities in the defence industry, as examples.

Following Phil Cave’s opening remarks, Bisalloy Steels Managing Director, Greg Albert, highlighted the company’s focus on safety.

“People are at the heart of Bisalloy, so their health and safety is our highest priority. Bisalloy Australia’s safety performance continues to grow with a high level of involvement of the WHS Committee and the operations team driving the safety culture,” he said.

Then, returning to the theme of transformation, Greg said that Bisalloy is moving beyond its traditional customer base of the mining wear materials market to opportunities in construction, infrastructure, energy, oil and gas, agriculture, transport, military and civilian defence.

He said Bisalloy’s people, operations, products and highly-respected brand, mean the company has a competitive advantage in all these markets, heading into FY2019.

“With such rigour underpinning every part of our business, we will forge ahead with the confidence, optimism and enthusiasm so characteristic of our brand, BISALLOY® Performance Steels,” he concluded.

Click here to read the full transcripts of the AGM addresses by Phil Cave and Greg Albert.