Piacentini & Son’s “Pink Panther” For Roy Hill

Piacentini & Son's "Pink Panther" for Roy Hill
Roy Hill’s newest pink truck is a 160T tow loader called the Pink Panther, made in Bunbury by Piacentini & Son.

At the beginning of March, Bisalloy Steels attended the unveiling of Piacentini & Son’s recently built “Pink” Panther Series II 160T, a 160 tonne Low Loader for Roy Hill. At the event, it was announced that after the last 6 months of fundraising efforts, $150,000 was raised by Piacentini & Son, their suppliers and partners for the St. John of God Foundation and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.   

Bisalloy Steels would like to congratulate Piacentini & Son for a monumental effort in raising awareness for individuals affected by breast cancer across Australia, and for using their platform in the Western Australian Mining Industry to facilitate such a positive initiative for individuals undergoing breast cancer treatment, with funds going directly to patients of the St John of God Bunbury Hospital undergoing breast cancer treatment. 

Piacentini & Son is a family-operated business headquartered in Bunbury, Western Australia, the business has a long-standing history in the region. In 1949, Albert Piacentini, who was then the owner of the West Australian Timber Mill, was allocated his first Cat D6 bulldozer in 1949. The established business then started contracting into the mining industry, where the legacy begun.

Emerging as one of the leaders in the Australian mining industry, the business now has an extensive fleet of heavy haulage and earthmoving machinery, spanning over 3,000km across Australia and internationally.

“Over the last 25 years, we’ve expanded throughout Western Australia, and interstate and internationally as well,” says Kim Piacentini, grandson of Albert Piacentini, who is the Executive Director of the business.

“We started in mineral sands, but we work in the coal industry, bauxite and alumina industry, iron ore and we’re doing the rehabilitation of the Argyle diamond mine.”

Piacentini & Sons has built on what is now 70+ years of experience in the engineering, design and construction of demanding load-bearing structures, to deliver their Panther Series II range leveraging their in-house experience and capabilities to deliver the series in-house.

As the low-loaders are capable of payloads from 80,000kg up to 1,000,000kg, the structural components of the heavy haulage trailers require steel with high-tensile strength and the enhanced mechanical properties to support such demanding applications. Piacentini & Sons team of technical expert has often turned to the high-strength properties of BISALLOY® Structural steel for the stress-relieving benefits they add to certain components of their fleet.

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