Coastwide Civil – Three Generations Later. 

“BISALLOY® is a quality product that gives our fleet extended service life intervals.”

Coastwide Civil is a family-run civil engineering and marine construction company that has spanned three generations. It has established itself as a trusted industry leader since its inception in 1975. 

Headquartered in Albion Park Rail (Wollongong), the local business’s unwavering commitment to professionalism allows it to provide the highest standard of service to its clients across Australia and internationally, delivering projects in excess of $200 million. Its dedicated team of civil construction experts ensures the timely and budget-conscious completion of tier 1 projects across various national industry sectors. 

Coastwide Civil has grown in capability to service civil, marine, earthwork, roadwork, quarrying and transportation industries, catering to the ever-evolving needs of the Australian civil construction and engineering industry.

Since starting operations 49 years ago, Coastwide Civil has regularly used BISALLOY® Structural 80 Steel for high-strength applications and BISALLOY® Wear 450 for its abrasion-resistant requirements. 

Coastwide Civil is a respected industry partner of the Illawarra & Shoalhaven region. Bisalloy has been proud to support the local, family-run business to decrease the downtime of their extensive transport fleet. 
The civil and marine engineering construction company was the major player in constructing the Shell Cove boat harbour, which is now a booming precinct in the Shellharbour region. 

Troy Crisp, Bisalloy’s NSW Sales Manager, asked Gary Rogers, Managing Director of Coastwide Civil, why Coastwide Civil insists on using Bisalloy products for high-strength structural and wear-resistant applications. 
“Our preference is to use Bisalloy products because the product is Australian-made and produced locally in the Illawarra region. It is very important to the nation that we look after and support our steel-making capabilities.” 

“BISALLOY® is a quality product that gives our fleet extended service life intervals due to the longer lasting wear qualities that Bisalloy offers compared to other imported brands,” Gary recently told Troy. 

Coastwide Civil
Two of Coastwide Civil’s extensive fleet in operation at a quarry on the South Coast of NSW.

“Bisalloy has several local distributors that give us choices for quick and easy ordering. Most recently, we have won a long-term contract at a quarry site with extremely abrasive material. We made the decision to reline our dump truck bodies using BISALLOY® Wear 450 to withstand the harsh environment and maximise the life cycle of our equipment.” 

Troy Crisp commends Coastwide Civil for trusting in the product and the business. This trust allows the partnership to benefit the region’s surrounding areas by delivering positive infrastructure projects to the local community. 

“As Bisalloy’s production facility is also based on the South Coast of NSW, it is great to see other local businesses excel in their fields and deliver positive outcomes for the wider community,” Troy says. 

“Using BISALLOY® Wear 450 to reline their dump trucks will see the lifecycle of their fleet increase even further, opening up the opportunity to add additional capabilities to the already extensive value-added services they provide to their clients.” 

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