Our vision is to be acknowledged as a leader in the supply of quenched and tempered steel plate, products and services by:

PARTNERING WITH OUR CUSTOMERS to truly understand their needs and deliver value-added products and services.
BUILDING SHAREHOLDER VALUE through a long term strategic plan that maximises the return on investment of all decisions we make.
BEING INTERNATIONALLY ACKNOWLEDGED FOR INNOVATION through the products and services we bring to the marketplace.
IMPROVING OUR CUSTOMERS EFFICIENCIES by developing a deep understanding of their business.
DOING OUR PART IN CREATING A MORE SUSTAINABLE FUTURE with responsible business decisions that support the long-term viability of our business, the environment and the communities in which we operate.

We will achieve our vision through our mission to deliver:

OUTSTANDING VALUE TO OUR STAKEHOLDERS - We will focus on delivering a complete value package to our stakeholders.
STRONG COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIPS - Through collaboration with our partners we will position ourselves to deliver the best possible outcomes for all partners.
EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE - We will focus on providing exceptional, differentiated service at each customer touchpoint.
INNOVATIVE SERVICE AND EXPERTISE - We will lead the market in delivering new products, insights and solutions to customer opportunities.