05 Feb 2019

Bisalloy Steels has announced that it has engaged with defence contractor Hanwha Defense, as the Korean company prepares to bid for LAND400 Phase 3, the project to provide the Australian Defence Force with next generation fighting vehicles.

The first order from Hanwha will see Bisalloy supply Hanwha with BISALLOY® Armour steel – initially for testing and subsequently to manufacture the AS21 Redback, a variant of Hanwha’s K21 infantry fighting vehicle.

The deal also provides Bisalloy with Hanwha accreditation, which means its high-performance steel products could be used in the manufacture of any Hanwha’s defence vehicles and related products.

Valued at approximately $10 – 15 billion, the four-phase LAND 400 project will see the ADF’s existing Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) and M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) fleets replaced with new vehicles that deliver improved levels of firepower, protection and mobility.

Korea’s largest defence contractor, Hanwha Defense’s capabilities extend beyond armoured vehicles and include artillery systems, air defence systems, and unmanned ground systems. With 40 years’ experience in the defence sector, the company has long been at the forefront of technical innovation.

For Bisalloy Steels, Australia's only manufacturer of high-tensile and high hardness quenched and tempered steel plate, the collaboration with Hanwha Defense represents another opportunity to continue its association with the ADF.

Manufactured at Wollongong on the NSW South Coast, BISALLOY® Armour steel was developed in the 1980s for use in the hulls of the Royal Australian Navy’s Adelaide Class Frigate. Since then, it has been used in several other local defence projects, including the Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicles.

According to Justin Suwart, Business Manager, Armour – Bisalloy Steels, the collaboration with Hanwha Defense, also continues the company’s development as a major international defence industry supplier.

“As a key component of our long-term strategy, Bisalloy Steels has been actively pursuing expansion into new markets. Apart from re-affirming our commitment to the Australian defence sector, we welcome this latest work with Hanwha as an opportunity to increase our exports and further consolidates our presence in Asia,” he said.

Mr Kim Hong Jin, Hanwha Defense Principal Research Engineer, Vehicle R&D Centre, echoed these positive sentiments and welcomed the collaboration.

“We are confident that Bisalloy’s expertise in the manufacture of high-performance steel, combined with Hanwha’s track record of success in the armoured vehicle market, will allow us to present a winning bid for LAND 400 Phase 3 and launch Hanwha Defense in Australia,” he said.

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