Unlike the actual extraction process of mining, mineral processing focuses on the treatment of large rock and run of mine (ROM) in order to separate the valuable products, with processes involving various types of wear on equipment including abrasion and erosion.

Mineral processing typically deals with smaller particles, which may have less impact force than larger particles but can act like a highly abrasive stream of water and cause erosion of even the hardest material. Meanwhile, large particles impacting and abrading on sizers, crushers, rollers and chutes can cause significant damage.

Basically, high levels of wear can occur even when the particles are very small - with tanks, feeders, bins, hoppers, centrifuges, shaker screens and many other points within the plant all susceptible to wear – and if part of the process fails through wear, abrasive erosion or even fatigue, the whole process can stop.

On a mine site, nameplate performance and reliability are two of the benchmarks for production equipment. When a piece of equipment performs for a longer period of time, the better the result for the mining operation.

BISALLOY® Wear steel grades have been specifically designed to improve availability and productivity of plant and equipment by extending wear life. This means an ability to resist wear and erosion, optimise performance, extend plant and machinery operational life, increase reliability, reduce component change-outs, reduce downtime and reduce overall operating and maintenance costs.