Throughout history, materials and advances in material technology have immeasurably influenced humankind and shaped the world in which we live. Now we just might be on the verge of the next shift in this type of technology, enabling products and functions we never believed possible.

Demands from industry are requiring that materials be lighter, tougher, thinner, denser and more flexible - or rigid - as well as to be heat, impact and wear resistant. At the same time, researchers are pushing the boundaries of what we imagine is possible, seeking to improve and enhance existing materials and at the same time come up with completely new materials that, while years away from day-to-day use, take us down entirely new technological pathways.

Asia-Pacific is the largest and the fastest-growing region in the global high strength steels market, with the increasing middle-class population, which has led to urbanisation and rise in the manufacturing sector, driving the demand of high strength steels in this region. In addition to this, the growing demand of high strength steels by various end-use industries in Japan, China, and India are further contributing to the growth of the Asia-Pacific high strength steels market.

Our world is built using steel and with increasing need for manufactured items, more sustainable solutions are needed. Bisalloy Steels’ customers need solutions that deliver higher performance in terms of energy efficiency, resource efficiency and better process and product performance.