Last year, investments in renewable energy were greater than the combined investment in coal, nuclear, gas and hydro power for the first time in history. Interestingly, last year China invested considerably more in renewable energy than the investment of the United States and European Union combined.
Ernst and Young expect that China will increase its renewable energy targets for the year 2020 from 100 to 150 gigawatts of solar power, and from 200 to possibly 280 gigawatts of wind power. To put that in perspective, the entire Australian electricity system is only around 50 gigawatts.

The inherent qualities of BISALLOY® high strength steel are of particular relevance to the renewable energy sector, particularly in the construction of wind turbine towers.

High strength steel can be used for wind turbine towers as these steel grades are not only stronger and tougher than conventional grades, thus offering the possibility of higher towers or larger generators, but as these grades are also ductile, formable and weldable they offer relatively easy fabrication, even for the largest tower sections.