In today’s changing world where protecting people, assets and infrastructure is increasingly important, steel plays a vital role. Globally, expenditure on defence continues and this market segment is the most extreme in requiring the highest level of quality, timely delivery and a competitive price – areas where Bisalloy Steels’ armour and ballistics grades of high performance steel excel.

As the sole manufacturer of armour steel plate in Australia, Bisalloy Steels has a long history of producing high performance steel plate for demanding defence and ballistics applications.

For more than 30 years the Bisalloy Steels story has been one of working in conjunction with an Australian steel producer, defence scientists, international organisations and manufacturers of military ships and vehicles, to produce some of the best armour and high performance steel plate products in the world.
Working in close collaboration with local steel manufacturer BlueScope Steel and the Defence Science and Technology Group (DST), Bisalloy Steels has developed the BISALLOY® Armour steel grades which are specifically designed for use in military applications where light weight, maximum protection and superior ballistic performance is required.   

Indeed, armour steel grades manufactured by Bisalloy Steels, such as BISALLOY® Armour UHT (Ultra High Toughness) steel and BISALLOY® Armour UHH (Ultra High Hardness) steel, exceed US military standards.
Bisalloy Steels has the technical capability to design, develop and manufacture a wide range of armour and high performance steels for Australia’s defence equipment needs, with
our Quality Assurance system meeting the requirements of ISO 9001, with stringent quality controls developed in order to qualify the performance of materials being used in military-critical products.

Our company’s distinguished defence pedigree includes providing all of the armour and high performance plate for the Collins-class submarines, Adelaide-class frigates and Australian Army Bushmaster vehicles, along with proudly supplying our quality Australian-made material to militaries and civilian customers through North America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe – indeed, several foreign governments in these regions have qualified Bisalloy Steels’ armour plate for use by their militaries.  

As a company, Bisalloy is well positioned to provide armour and high performance steel into future Australian Defence Force (ADF) maritime vessels and land vehicles.