30 Apr 2019

Within the defence industry, perhaps more so than anywhere else, there are no short cuts to successful product development. The high stakes involved mean that manufacturers involved in the sector have no choice but to meet the highest standards, in a number of areas. For this reason, Bisalloy Steels, the manufacturer of BISALLOY® Armour grade plate, chooses carefully before forming business relationships that will affect the quality of its product.

Ballistic certification and testing is an example. For the past decade, Melbourne company BMT has carried out all of this work for Bisalloy at its ballistics laboratory in Melbourne.

A privately owned and operated business established in 1997, BMT operates Australia’s only truly independent ballistic testing laboratory. In other words, BMT is solely focussed on testing. It has no manufacturing capacity of its own and, therefore can be relied upon for both completely unbiased testing, as well as security of intellectual property.

BMT is well-established within the defence industry. As the preferred supplier of independent destructive and non-destructive ballistic testing services to the Australian Defence Force, the company’s reputation is second to none.

Because its facility (which is NATA accredited to ISO/IEC17025:2018) is able to test BISALLOY® Armour grade plate for compliance with numerous international standards, it can ensure that Bisalloy is in a strong position to continue to establish itself in the global defence market.

“Australia’s only manufacturer of high strength and high hardness quenched and tempered steel plate, Bisalloys Steels is always on the lookout for new global opportunities. As we continue to innovate and find success in overseas markets, we are conscious of the need to always meet the highest quality standards,” said Justin Suwart, Bisalloy Business Manager – Armour.

“For this reason, we are acutely aware of the importance of the relationships we have established with businesses such as BMT. We value their contribution to our products and have every confidence that they will continue to deliver us the quality service we have become accustomed to.”

Originally developed for the Australian Submarine Corporation to be used in the hulls of the Collins Class submarines, BISALLOY® Armour grade plate has since found use in several other Australian Defence projects, including the Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicles, a range of naval projects, and more recently Project Land 121 Phase 4 “Hawkei” vehicle.

In recent years, this success has extended overseas. The company has several military and civilian customers through North America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

“BMT’s 20-plus years’ experience in the ballistic testing field, working with the ADF and others, has provided us with a deep understanding of not only the operational requirements and standards required in this industry, but also the characteristics of quality products,” said Ben Eu, BMT’s General Manger.

“I can confidently say that BISALLOY® Armour grade plate has these characteristics. We value the fact that we get to work with a company of this calibre and look forward to Bisalloy’s continued success as a global industry innovator.”

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