BISALLOY® steel, reaching new heights

17 Oct 2016

More than two thousand years ago, Archimedes, said, “Give me a lever ... and a fulcrum strong enough, and I will lift the world.” Spin a globe of the world, and you’ll find a Sydney-based company doing just that, in its own unique way - and in a way Archimedes would truly have appreciated.

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“Less is more” When BISALLOY® steel is Put To The Test

10 Oct 2016

In the powerhouse economy of Taiwan (Republic of China), competition in business is ferocious. So when a company goes from start-up to leadership in such a market in just 10 years, you know it is doing something right.

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BISALLOY® steel, playing in a tough league

07 Oct 2016

Here’s a team that plays in a very tough world league, where, to achieve your goals, you need ribs of steel, great vision, and the ability to think several steps ahead of your opponents.

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Unit Rig Builds Australia's Largest Dump Truck

04 Oct 2016

Australian dump truck supplier "Unit Rig" manufactured two of the largest rubber tyred dump trucks ever built in Australia at the time, with bottom dump hoppers manufactured from BISALLOY® steel. A total of 148 tonnes of quenched and tempered steel from the Bisalloy Steels Wollongong manufacturing plant was supplied for the construction of each of the hoppers.

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Bisalloy and Wiseda Chalk Up a First

15 Sep 2016

Some 160 tonnes of BISALLOY® Steel has been used to manufacture the first Wiseda dump trucks ever produced in the Hunter Valley for the region's substantial mining industry. Bisalloy Steels, Australia's only manufacturer of quenched and tempered steel, is one of the biggest suppliers to the dump truck market in this country.

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Australian Flexibility Transforms LPG Transport Industry

14 Sep 2016

Together with Tubemakers, Bisalloy Steels developed a set of world class industry standards for the manufacture of quenched and tempered steel plate for use in the construction of Gas Tankers. These requirements included improvement in mechanical properties of the steel and a plate thickness tolerance range never previously specified in the manufacture of steel plate.

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