28 Sep 2016

When MetServ wanted to improve materials handling efficiency at BlueScope Port Kembla's 21 Area BISALLOY® steel was an obvious choice for the construction of new bins and pallets.

The quenched and tempered performance steel from Bisalloy Steels' Wollongong manufacturing plant was ideal for the job, lightweight yet high strength.

MetServ (a joint venture of international metallurgical services specialist MultiServ and Transwest Haulage) were contracted for the dumping and recovery of plate iron at BlueScope Port Kembla's 21 Area. The MetServ method involves leading technology, including fume extraction during the iron dumping process, virtually eliminating ferrous oxide dust emission.

The company also wanted to make the materials handling component of the process as efficient as possible. It launched a new Kress carrier to transport material throughout the plant with the carrier utilising both flat pallets and bins, thus changing the method of transporting large quantities of bulk materials with reduced vehicle movements.  This was where BISALLOY® steel was required.

Using BISALLOY® steel meant the pallets and bins would be lightweight, yet high strength. Lower strength steels would have required thicker and heavier plate, decreasing payload and adding to running costs.

MetServ Operations Manager Greg Carroll said the company through its design consultant, Merz, specified BISALLOY® steel because of its lightweight, structural strength and because it was a top quality product made in Australia.

The $500,000 order for four bins and three pallets was won by Unanderra firm Sessini Welders, which subcontracted part of the work to another Unanderra firm Rovira Pty Ltd for fabrication. Bisalloy Steels supplier Steelmark Unanderra, provided the steel.

The bins, which carry demolition and mill scrap, plate iron and raw materials, are each capable of transporting 63 tonnes. The pallets, which carry coil, slab or tundish skulls(slab casting residue), are each capable of transporting 70 tonnes.

The Kress carrier is a demountable unit system, incorporating a tipping frame. This also improves efficiency because a bin or pallet can be delivered, the carrier can then be used for another job and returned when the bin or pallet is loaded.

The combination of BISALLOY® steel for the bins' and pallets' construction and the demountable Kress carrier has given MetServ yet another edge in its operations.

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