10 Oct 2016

In the powerhouse economy of Taiwan (Republic of China), competition in business is ferocious. So when a company goes from start-up to leadership in such a market in just 10 years, you know it is doing something right.

To be a practical business solution, not only would the technology have to be effective, it would have to be cost-effective.
In the manufacture and sale of truck mounted cranes that company is GW Machinery, this year happily celebrating both 10 years in business - and a name that now stands above all other competitors.

A prime reason for that success, is the company’s drive to seek better solutions.
Previously, GW Machinery used mild steel in their truck mounted cranes.
But, as Mr Chen of GW Machinery recognised, product payload and lifting capacity are of critical importance in such a competitive industry.

Above: The high strength to weight ratio of BISALLOY® steel led to significant gains in lilting capacity and reach of the GW cranes.

The ease of fabrication of BISALLOY® steel was an added bonus in the construction of the GW truck mounted crane booms.

The practical benefit of BISALLOY® steel’s weight savings, has been to significantly increase each truck’s payload...
He had a vision to produce cranes that were lighter, could reach higher and lift heavier loads. It was the ultimate test of the principle that “less is more.”
To achieve his aim, Mr Chen set tough criteria:
First, source a world class, high strength steel that would enable the weight of the crane to be reduced, yet at the same time increase the lifting capacity of the unit.
Second, achieve plates with guaranteed flatness tolerance.
Third, secure reliable delivery at a highly competitive price.
After looking all over the world, he found the solution to his unique challenge in a company unique in Australia - Bisalloy Steels.
As Australia’s only manufacturers of quenched and tempered steel, Bisalloy Steels is widely known for its technical expertise and product quality.

Mechanical Properties

 Previous Design
(Mild Steel)
 250 400 7,800 18,000 16
Current Design (BISALLOY®)   600 and 690 690 and 790 6,300  20,000 17.6

Through the integration of engineering and BISALLOY® high performance steel, overall unit weight was reduced by 20% with a significant increase in crane lifting capacity. In addition, BISALLOY® steel’s higher strength allowed thinner and longer boom sections, extending critical reaching capability.
If even a small advantage in business can be decisive, the results of combining Mr Chen’s vision with Bisalloy Steels’ expertise have been spectacular, as the table (above) shows.
While the crane mass and ground support frame weight was reduced by 1500 kilograms, the crane is now capable of lifting up to two tonnes more (20 tonnes versus 18 previously).
Reach has been greatly improved too, with the boom now extending up to 17.6 meters (previously 16 meters).
In short, the practical benefit of BISALLOY® steel’s weight savings, has been to significantly increase each truck’s payload, and therefore result in considerable income gains.
The final proof of Mr Chen’s vision is seen in the fact that, as GW Machinery’s cranes have increased their capacity and reach, so has the company.
Sales have gone up by 50 per cent, and the company’s market share now stands at over 80 per cent, making it easily the number one manufacturer of truck mounted cranes in Taiwan.
Certainly, the combination of GW Machinery and Bisalloy Steels has produced huge dividends, in more ways than one.
Technology effective. Cost effective. “Less is more”, indeed.

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