26 Sep 2016

One name stands above all others in the sale and manufacture of tough chisel ploughs, rotary slashers, rock pickers, rippers and blade ploughs for the agricultural industry. That company is Gessner Industries.

Started in the mid 70s by Lindsay and Noel Gessner, Gessner Industries set about manufacturing tillage equipment in Toowoomba, Queensland. Born and bred on the land, they knew, first hand, the need for specialised equipment designed specifically to withstand the tough, harsh conditions of Australia's soil and climate. Their reputation for quality and reliable workmanship spread and by 1981 demand saw the construction of their first factory. In 1987 they purchased Lewis Rippers, a company with over 30 years experience in the earthmoving and mining industries.

A Relationship Built on Strength

Gessner previously used BISALLOY® steel in large blade ploughs and some smaller agricultural components, but the acquisition of the Lewis ripper product range greatly expanded their need for the toughened Australian made performance steel. Today, BISALLOY® steel is one of the key components of the Gessner equipment range. For example, BISALLOY® steel is extensively used in ripper shanks, pivot clamps, side plates, arms and frames where high stress, side load, stability, impact and improved wear and abrasion resistance is required. BISALLOY® steel is an essential ingredient ensuring the strength, quality and durability synonymous with Gessner products.

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