18 Oct 2016

What does Bisalloy Steels get for occupying a unique niche in Australian industry, as the only manufacturer of quenched and tempered hardened steel - and for years of meeting unique product and manufacturing requirements?

In the case of ADl’s revolutionary new design Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicle - blown up, shot at…. and shot at again, that’s what.
But that’s OK. We knew we could take it.

And ADI proved it - with the Bushmaster not only surviving the most rigorous (and explosive) testing procedures possible, but also prevailing against equally tough competition from an international field of competitors, and as a result, winning the Australian Army’s contract to supply these unique vehicles.

And we do mean unique.

Any vehicle manufacturer will tell you how tough their product reliability testing is: durability, performance, safety...

Blown up, shot at and shot at again – BISALLOY® steel more than proved it could take it in winning the contract to supply steel for ADl’s revolutionary Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicle.

The Bushmaster, with its exceptional power to weight ratio, is able to exhibit remarkable performance, on and

But it’s not often your product gets called upon to protect vehicle occupants against ammunition (armour-piercing rounds in the upgrade package) not to mention Claymore mines and anti personnel mines.

Not exactly a typical Sunday afternoon drive . . .

In fact, ADI designed the Bushmaster to provide the best possible protection against the blast of a land mine, detonated under any wheel or under the centre of the vehicle.

To meet that requirement. the Bushmaster’s uniquely shaped hull - designed to deflect a blast as well as protect from a blast - is built entirely from BISALLOY®  quenched and tempered HHA (high hardness armour) and Bis 80A (a very high strength structural plate), which is precision cut and laser guide welded to extremely tight tolerances.

The result is maximum strength, with minimised weight ( a mass saving of between 15 per cent and 40 per cent over standard plate) - which not only provides the life-saving protection necessary for the Bushmaster’s occupants, but also has benefits which flow directly into other areas of the vehicle’s performance.

For instance, a prime requirement for the Bushmaster is high speed deployment.

Proving once again the principle that “less is more”, the Bushmaster, with its exceptional power to weight ratio, is able to exhibit remarkable performance, on and off-road.

The 15 tonne vehicle can carry up to ten troops, with full equipment, in comfort and safety, at a cruising speed of up to 110 km/h, with an operating range of up to one thousand kilometers - all while carrying water and supplies for a three-day deployment.

In standard form, it is capable of fording water up to 1. 2 meters deep, going over vertical obstacles half a meter high, and attacking gradients greater than 60 per cent.

Over the years the Bushmaster has already seen some real world action.

In the early stages of Australia’s involvement in East Timor, when the level of danger was an unknown factor, two prototypes were used for high security transport for senior figures on the ground there.

Based at Bendigo, ADI Limited is gearing up to produce Bushmasters for the Australian Army - with the vehicle’s truly revolutionary design offering the company the promise of success in exports markets, too.

Bisalloy Steels is proud to have been - literally – an integral part of the Bushmaster’s development and success.

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