15 Sep 2016

Some 160 tonnes of BISALLOY® Steel has been used to manufacture the first Wiseda dump trucks ever produced in the Hunter Valley for the region's substantial mining industry.  BISALLOY® Steel, Australia's only manufacturer of quenched and tempered steel, is one of the biggest suppliers to the dump truck market in this country.

The Wollongong-based company was able to supply approximately 40 tonnes of BISALLOY® Steel for each of the dump truck bodies made by Wiseda Pty Ltd, of Singleton, New South Wales.  Wiseda manufactures a range of off-highway rear tipping dump trucks. Its 240-tonne dump trucks are the world's largest and most powerful two-axle haulers.

The trucks have earned a reputation for reliability, performance and economy throughout the mining industry.

The company was successful with an order for four dump trucks, supplying two each to Lemington Mine and Warkworth Mine.

Wiseda has used Bisalloy Steels products in several applications but this was the first time the dump trucks had actually been manufactured in the Hunter Valley, one of Australia's largest coal-producing areas.

BISALLOY® steel was selected for the dump truck bodies because it successfully combines qualities such as high impact toughness and high strength with reduced weight. This allows a greater payload to be carried, while reducing the wear and tear on components.

Bisalloy Steels rolled special sizes of BISALLOY® steel to suit the design and provide the optimum fit for plate sizes. This offered several benefits, including time and cost savings and the elimination of wastage.

Although non-standard size plates were required Bisalloy was able to deliver the material within a critical time frame, which also contributed to the success of the contract.

Tubemakers Metaland, of Mayfield, Newcastle, secured the supply of the material and co ordinated deliveries while fabrication was handled by Varley Engineering, of Carrington, Newcastle. It was the first time Varley had fabricated dump truck bodies although it had carried out repair work on existing bodies at the mines.

Varley Engineering cut, formed and welded the material for the trays. They were pre-assembled and painted before being despatched to the mine site. Bisalloy Steel’s new shot blasted, scale free plate proved ideal in the fabrication and painting processes.

Varley Engineering Manager Mr Jim Marshall said Bisalloy Steels Sales and Marketing Engineer Graham Behan had worked with Varley's from the inception of the project, ensuring the material met the AWS Quality Standards required by the contract.

"Bisalloy Steels’ assistance with technical advice and the progressing of material through their system to ensure the agreed delivery was met was well appreciated by Varley," he said.
"The quality of the material and after sales service was excellent."
Wiseda Project Manager Mr Trevor Lewis applauded the performance of Bisalloy Steel and Varley Engineering.

"Wiseda Australia is proud to support Bisalloy Steels. We have been extremely happy with the product and the support we received and look forward to both our companies working together in the future," he said.

This success in the Hunter Valley reflects Bisalloy Steels' commitment to supplying Australian products which more than match imported products in quality and performance.

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