07 Oct 2016

Here’s a team that plays in a very tough world league, where, to achieve your goals, you need ribs of steel, great vision, and the ability to think several steps ahead of your opponents.

PT United (“PT United Tractors Pandu Engineering”, to give them their full name) is a major player in Indonesia’s design and manufacture of mining equipment.

At home or away, the company’s Patria range of products continues to score eye-opening goals in many fields - and has done since operations began in 1983.

Whether it’s heavy duty bulk haulage and support equipment for mining (tippers, coal bodies, heavy duty vessels, low bed trailers and water tanks/trailers), attachments for mining (buckets for loaders and excavators, dozer blades and clamshell buckets of all capacities), or the design and fabrication of forklifts and forklift components (over 90,000 forklift chassis exported to Japan and the USA since 1988).

In general, a 33% weight savings is achieved by each part or structural member replaced by BISALLOY® steel during manufacture.

Bisalloy Steels came through with the delivery of the plate without delay.

PT United has a reputation for excellence in design and manufacture that is second to none.

PT United supply a variety of components to leading equipment companies such as Komatsu, Caterpillar, Yale, Bomag, Toyota and GE-USA.
In Australia, too, PT United products have a solid – in every sense of the word - reputation. The company is currently exporting forklift trucks to Europe, Australia and several countries in the Middle East.

PT United also manufactures road bulk transport systems. And we do mean “bulk” - with road trains having anything up to six or seven wagons in tow. For applications like this, PT United makes specialised side-tipping trailers, which means the trailers can unload without having to be uncoupled from the road train.

Another specialty of the company is Low Bed Trailers, used in transporting heavy equipment for mining, such as large dozers, front-end loaders and shovels.

These trailers of 70 – 100 tonne capacity can be subjected to tremendous punishment, day in and day out, in arduous locations.
In Indonesia, they also have to operate in difficult tropical conditions – off road, rough, slippery and muddy.

As Djodi Muhartono, PT United’s Purchasing Manager, says, “Our Low Bed Trailers need a tough, strong, and elastic structure.”
To meet such a unique challenge, PT United relies on a company unique in Australia - Bisalloy Steels.

As Australia’s only manufacturer of quenched and tempered steel, Bisalloy is able to offer minimised weight, with maximum strength and durability, through the use of BISALLOY® Structural 80 steel.

The lighter guage of the plate used in the trailers makes them more manoeuvrable and means less dead weight, making them both less likely to bog down, and - even more importantly - increasing the payload weight.

Djodi Muhartono again: “The surface quality and flatness of BISALLOY® Structural 80 steel gives it a unique workability which assists greatly in PT United’s manufacturing process.

“In general, we achieve a weight saving of 33 per cent for each part, or structural member which is replaced by BISALLOY® steel. For instance, in one low bed trailer design, 80 per cent of the structural members consist of BISALLOY® Structural 80 steel - resulting in a 26 per cent weight saving. For a current weight of 17 tonnes for the 100 tonne capacity trailer, the weight saving is around five tonnes. That’s significant.”
But the quality of the steel is only one important factor.

“We have worked closely with PT Bima Bisalloy/Bisalloy Steels since 1996, and our relationship has been based equally on service and reliable availability of BISALLOY® steel as much as it has on the quality of the plate,” says Djodi.

“Supplying as we do to many companies around the world, we are often given very short lead times to complete major projects. For instance, recently, we were given only three to six months to complete the construction of 100 tipping trailer units. Bisalloy Steels came through with the delivery of the plate without delay, in turn allowing us to complete the project, and fulfill our obligations on time.”

As you can tell, PT United have a lot on their plate - and so does Bisalloy Steels.

But neither of us would have it any other way. Certainly, we’re happy to be helping PT United continue to score goals as a leading player in its field, all over the world.

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