14 Sep 2016

When Cootes Transport asked Tubemakers of Australia to manufacture a number of B Double combination type LPG road tankers, Australia's leading manufacturer of LPG road tankers was faced with a number of tough challenges:

  • To source a world class high strength steel to reduce tanker weight and thereby increasing payload capacity.
  • Product with a guaranteed thickness tolerance.
  • To secure it at a competitive price.
After scouring the world they found it in their very own backyard - Australia's own manufacturer of quenched and tempered steel, Bisalloy Steels.

In the highly competitive Liquefied Petroleum Gas Transport industry, product payload is of paramount importance. Each kilogram of steel saved in the construction of a gas tanker increases payload capacity. Considering a tanker drives up to 10 million kilometres, the weight saving advantage of Bisalloy Steel results in a considerable income gain.

Together with Tubemakers, Bisalloy Steels developed a set of world class industry standards for the manufacture of quenched and tempered steel plate for use in the construction of Gas Tankers. These requirements included improvement in mechanical properties of the steel and a plate thickness tolerance range never previously specified in the manufacture of steel plate.

"Bisalloy Steels was the only steel supplier in Australia able to supply plate to the tolerances we demanded", says Kelvin Kalms, Fabricated Products Sales Manager at Tubemakers. "Foreign steel suppliers could supply steel plate, but couldn't guarantee the tolerance unless we put in a very large order".

In the end, it was Bisalloy Steels’ flexibility that swung Tubemakers towards the leading Australian performance steel manufacturer. "It made good sense to work with BisalloySteels", says Kelvin.

"They were prepared to work closely with us to develop a plate that met our stringent requirements for a high strength quenched and tempered steel. And besides, we're an Australian company building gas tankers for Australian transport companies. Why shouldn't we be working with an Australian plate supplier?"

Why not indeed? With continuing investment in state-of-the-art technology, Bisalloy Steels is firmly established as Australia's leading quenched and tempered performance steel manufacturer.

With a little bit of Aussie flexibility and ingenuity, Tubemakers will be supplying the gas transport industry with more than 20 -30 road tankers per year of various configurations and sizes. And when word gets out about the savings afforded by this innovative product, there's bound to be even more BISALLOY® quenched and tempered steel travelling the highways of Australia.

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